Introducing The 2nd Generation Of splitsecnd Safety

Over the last 12 months, the splitsecnd team has been hard at work developing the 2nd Generation splitsecnd device. From roadside assistance to crash response to GPS tracking, this new device will help keep our roads safer and families more connected.


Soon, we’ll be opening the splitsecnd store to accept pre-orders of the 2nd Generation device at an exclusive price, but now we encourage you to sign up below to stay in the loop with exclusive updates from the team:

Just Plug It In.

splitsecnd has a built-in cell phone, so it works independently of your loved one’s phone. Simply plug it into any vehicle’s 12V outlet, and it begins working automatically. That’s all it takes.

Automatic Crash Response

24/7 Emergency Response

Roadside Assistance

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Stolen Vehicle Assistance